II Baku Forum on sustainable finance and investment ended

The Baku Declaration dedicated to the conclusions of the II Baku Forum on sustainable finance and investment was adopted.

The II Baku Forum on sustainable finance and investment has ended. The Deputy Minister of Economy Sahib Mammadov making a speech at the closing ceremony of the forum, emphasized the importance of the discussions and results obtained within the framework of the event in terms of sharing experiences and preparing road maps for joint activities in the direction of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): “Discussions and presentations show that it is important to mobilize the private sector to implement the SDGs. Because of this, information about investment opportunities and areas should be provided through products such as the DİM Investor Map. One point was particularly noted that systematic measures should be taken to expand cooperation and increase investments in SDG for the purpose of development in this area”.

Alessandra Roccasalvo, acting resident of the United Nations Development Program in Azerbaijan, expressed her gratitude for the organization of the Forum and mentioned that the organization she represents will continue to support the government of Azerbaijan in the implementation of the 18th SDG, and will work together to clear our liberated territories from mines.    

The Baku Declaration was adopted as the conclusion of the forum. Proposals for attracting investments to the SDG, creating regional cooperation for the promotion of the investment ecosystem, and involving state institutions, academic circles and investors in the implementation of the coordination mechanism in this regard were reflected in the declaration.