Two more residents of Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park have started exporting products

The export of products produced by "Azersulfat" LLC and "Glassica" CJSC, residents of the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park under the management of the Economic Zones Development Agency (EZIA), has started. In this regard, a mediator was organized for these enterprises.

Media representatives first of all got acquainted with the activities of the sulfuric acid production enterprise of "Azersulfat" LLC. It was reported that 93% and 98% sulfuric acid is produced by the contact method in the enterprise built on the territory of 1.5 hectares of the Industrial Park. The annual production capacity of the enterprise is 20,000 tons, of which 10,000 tons are planned to be sold in the domestic market, and 10,000 tons to be exported. An agreement has recently been signed on the export of sulfuric acid products to Georgia, and it is planned to send the products to this country in the coming days. The enterprise with an investment of more than 10 million manats provided permanent jobs for 42 people. The company has sold more than 1,600 tons of products on the domestic market since its inception.

Then the representatives of the mass media at the production plant of glassware products of "Glassica" CJSC were informed that the annual production capacity of the enterprise with a total investment value of more than 20 million manats is 90 million pieces of various colored glass packaging products (bottles). Since the establishment of the enterprise, an agreement on product sales has been signed with 2 foreign and 5 domestic companies. For the first time, "Glassica" CJSC exported over 250,000 bottles to foreign countries - Romania and Moldova.

"Glassica" CJSC currently meets 30-40% of the demand for bottles in Azerbaijan. The company plans to build another enterprise in the territory of Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park. The demand for bottles in our country will be fully provided with the commissioning of this enterprise. At present, the enterprise provides permanent jobs for 140 people More than 3 million bottles have been produced since the establishment of the enterprise.