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Supporting the development of business relations and export opportunities of entrepreneurs

Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) was established in 2003 to achieve leading goals such as enhancing export capacity and alluring foreign investments. The fund supports entrepreneurs for increasing export potential, expanding investment opportunities, finding potential partners and implementing joint cooperation projects.
Important economic events such as business forums, exhibitions, seminars and conferences are held on this course in the country and abroad by the Ministry of Economy and Industry and Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO). These events are important from the standpoint of both publicizing business climate and economic potential of the country, and enhancement of business relations of businessmen. Especially the events organized in foreign countries contribute to increase the volume of investments on the priority development courses. The business forums which held in our country have an important role from the standpoint of presenting local businessmen, access of products to the foreign markets, signing business contracts, and development of their foreign relations.
Foreign investors and local manufacturers can benefit from legal advice offered by AZPROMO to start business in Azerbaijan or to access to foreign markets.
Followings are other key areas of activity of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation:

• Formation of the country's investment image;
• Rendering various services to local and foreign investors;
• Alluring investors and negotiating with them;
• Creating a database on investment and export opportunities;
• Exploring advisory services and market research for export-oriented companies;
• Promotion of "Made in Azerbaijan" brand at the international level.

For further information visit website of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (www.azpromo.az).

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