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Strengthening the investment supply of entrepreneurs

Azerbaijan Investment Company was created to promote investment to the development of non-oil sectors of the economy, update the material and technological basis of the existing enterprises in this sphere under the Decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 30 March.
Currently, the company continues execution of the duties regarding on the development of the non-oil sector of the country's economy successfully. Thus specific measures are taken on boosting cement production, establishing shipbuilding company, foodstuff processing, logistics and other spheres.
The following are carried out with the join cooperation of Azerbaijan Investment Company:

Joint financing of investment companies and portfolio investors in the projects implemented in Azerbaijan;
• Alluring large international organizations operating in the non-oil sector to application of new technologies and implementing investments in Azerbaijan;
• Maintaining participation of Azerbaijan companies in international capital markets;
• Alluring finance of potential investors interested in obtaining loans of Azerbaijan Investment Company, as well as asset based loans of the Company;
• Establishing joint investment funds by the participation of the large financial organizations.
For further information about the function of the Azerbaijan Investment Company visit the web page of company www.aic.az.

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