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Development of social spheres

Incomes of population. Incomes of population constituted AZN 30.1 billion increasing by 5.8% compared to the same period of the previous year. Per capita volume of incomes of population exceeded raise of prices in consumer market by 0.8 pp augmenting by 4.5%.
Throughout this period 75.6% of incomes were directed to final consumption expenses, 9.4% to taxes, insurance and membership dues, 2.9 to interest rates on credits, and 12.1% to collection.
Wages. Average nominal monthly wage of employees of the economy field of the country amounted to AZN 460.1 by augmenting 4.4% compared to the same period of the previous year. Wages were AZN 2101.3 in oil sector, and AZN 420.1 in non-oil sector. At the same time, wages constituted AZN 357.3 in public sector, and AZN 603.5 in private sector.
Demographic situation. Number of population constituted 9666 thousand persons for September 1 of 2015 increasing by 73 thousand persons (or 0,8%). Density of population is 112 persons for 1square kilometer. 53.1 percent of the population settles down in the cities, 46.9 per cent in rural areas. There are 1009 women per 1000 men. Over January-August 109 thousand babies were born in the country, and the indicator for this situation is 17.2 for 1000 persons.

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