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Development of non-oil industry


The value added in the amount of 16.2 billion manat was produced in non-oil sector in January-June of 2014, and generally, more than 59.0 per cent of value added was produced in the fields of the social and other services, trade, repair of vehicles and construction.
Figure 1. Distribution of value added on sector in non-oil sector


Volume of value-added created in the non-oil fields of economy increased by 7.0% compared to the same period of previous year. It constituted 56.8% of GDP increasing 1.8 percentage points.
Table 1. Growth rate of value added in the non-oil sector 



Contribution of sub-sectors to the growth of non-oil GDP

Non-oil sector




Agriculture, forestry and fishing



0.5 p.p

Non-oil industry



0.4 p.p




1.8 p.p

Trade, repair of vehicles



1.2 p.p

Transport and storage



0.5 p.p

Accommodation of tourist and catering



0.6 p.p

Information and communication



0.4 p.p

Social and other services



1.1 p.p

Net taxes on products and imports




Over January –June of 2014, volume of value-added created in the non-oil industry increased 4.8% and constituted 1321.6 million AZN compared to the same period of last year. During this period, the specific weight of non-oil industry was 4.7% in GDP.
The share of non-oil sector in the value added in industry grew by 0.2 percentage points and rose to 10.0%. Over January-June, the specific weight of non-oil industry in the value added in non-oil sector was 8.2%. Non-oil sector contributed positively to GDP growth by 0.2 percentage points, non-oil GDP growth by 0.4 percentage points, industry growth by 0.5 percentage points.
The specific weight of processing area was 52.0% or 687.2, electric power, gas and vapor production, distribution and supply- 43.3% or 572.4 million manat, water supply, waste treatment and processing – 2.5% or 32.9 million manat, mining industry – 2.2% or 29.1million manat in non-oil sector production (Graphic 2).
Graphic 2. The structure of value added created in non-oil industry


During January-June 2014, production output in non-oil sector of industry increased by 4.2% compared with the same period of the previous year and constituted 3411.0 million manat. In this period non-oil processing industry contributed 1.2 percentage points to non-oil sector growth. During the reporting period, the non-oil processing areas which make a positive contribution to the growth in non-oil industry are the fields of food production (0.9 percentage points), production of construction materials (0.9 percentage points) and production of electrical equipment (0.6 percentage points).
In this period the specific weight of mining sector in non-oil industrial products was 1.4% or 48.6 million manat, processing industry - 69.9% or 2350.2 million manat, electric power, gas and vapor production – 26.8% and 9123 million manat, water supply and waste treatment – 2.9% or 100.2 million manat (Graphic 3).
It is estimated that, during January-June of 2014 the specific weight of processing industry in non-oil processing industry compared to the same period of 2013.
Graphic 3. The structure of the total volume of non-oil industry


Over the past period of 2014, the growth rate of the total volume of non-oil industry increased by 1.3 percentage point compared with the corresponding period of 2013. At that time, the share of value added in non-oil industry increased by 0.5 percentage point compared with the same period of the previous year, and was 38.7%.
Output of food production in this unit increased by 2.4%, production of clothing (30.9%), production of ready metal products (7.0%), production of construction materials (16.8%), production of electronic equipment (30.2%), production of automobile and trailers (38.0%), production of other transport means (2.9 times), production of furniture (17.2%), installation and maintenance of machine and equipment (11.2%).
During January-June of 2014, 61.2% or 4.7 billion manat of total investments to fixed capital in the economy was made into the non-oil sector.

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