• Updated 18.08.2021 14:29
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Mass gathering events need to comply with quarantine requirements and restrictions


Specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy and the Food Safety Agency monitored 2,260 facilities to control the organization of events at the event venues in accordance with the established rules and requirements.

While the overall number of celebrations is declining, there are still violations at the venues of such events. The main violations are that the owners of the venues organize celebrations without registering on the corresponding portal or accept orders to receive a larger number of guests, despite the fact that the size of the halls does not fit, or don’t follow the limits on number of guests at weddings and the distance between tables, and that the guests do not have the relevant documents.

To date, the monitoring group has checked the relevant documents of more than 276 thousand guests, and found deficiencies in the documents of more than 27 thousand people. The monitoring also found that 1,350 employees of the facilities did not meet the requirements.

During the monitoring, cases of violations that could be resolved were eliminated after explanatory work with the owners of the venue and the wedding, and organization of celebrations in accordance with the rules was ensured.

We reiterate that the rules and requirements of the quarantine regime must be strictly observed by citizens when organizing events, paying special attention to the vaccination of service personnel.

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