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In 2014, total agricultural output value at current prices amounted to 5225.8 million AZN. 1.7 percent of total funds in fixed capital were directed to agriculture.
Plant-growing. In 2014, 955.1 thousand ha of winter and spring cereals and leguminous crops (without corn) were reaped and beaten. 2179.7 thousand tons of crop with an average of 22.8 quintals per hectare were harvested. In addition, during the reporting period 203.6 thousand tons harvest were collected from 37.6 thousand hectares of corn field by turning corn-cob into dry maize kernels. On average, 54.2 quintals per hectare of maize kernels were collected. Taking into account the corn seeds, 2383.3 thousand tons of grain was collected in the initial weight from 992.7 thousand hectares of fields of cereals and leguminous plants in the country. The average productivity was 24.0 quintals per hectare.
Winter and spring wheat takes an important place in grain and leguminous plants. 60.8 percent (1449.1 thousand tons) of the grain production was wheat, 8.5 percent (203.6 thousand tons) was corn.
In 2014, 41.0 thousand tons of cotton, 20.3 thousand tons of sunflower and 2.9 thousand tons of tobacco were produced.
Last year sugar beets for processing were planted on 5706 hectares of land, and 175.1 thousand tons were harvested from 312 quintals per hectare.
819.3 thousand tons of potatoes, 1187.7 thousand tons of vegetables, 440.9 thousand tons of melons were gathered.
Potato production and vegetables production decreased by 17.5 and 3.9 percent respectively, and melon production increased 2.6 percent. The average yield per hectare was 133 quintals for potatoes, 150 quintals for vegetable and 157 quintals for melons.
Over this period, 849.9 thousand tons fruit and berry, 147.7 thousand tons of grapes, 474.2 tons green tea leaf were gathered.
Autumn work completed in the fields last year. 87.7% of 1017.0 thousand hectares of ploughing was used for autumn crops and grain was planted in 892.3 thousand hectares for the harvest of 2015 and autumn crop for green fodder was sown. Barley sown area increased by 1.7% compared to the same period of the previous year.
Cattlebreeding. In recent years, as a result of importing pedigree cattle to the country with the support of the state and giving preference to undergo artificial insemination in the farms, the number of cattle was stabilized, and it had a positive impact on production.
According to preliminary data, for the 1st of January, 2015, there were 2706.9 thousand head of cattle, including 1304.0 thousand head of cows and buffaloes, 8681.5 thousand sheep and goats in the country. A number of cattle increased by 3.6 thousand (1.0%), including the number of cows and buffaloes by 2.4 thousand (0.2%), while the number of sheep and goats increased by 51 thousand (0.6%). 48.2 percent of the cattle are cows and buffaloes.
During this period 505.5 thousand tons of livestock and poultry in live weight, 1855.8 thousand tons milk, 1562.7 million unit eggs, 16.8 thousand tons wool was produced. Meat production increased by 8.3 thousand tons or 1.7%, production of milk – 59.1 thousand tons or 3.3%, production of egg – 161.3 million or 11.5%, wool – 263 tons or 1.6%.
Last year 85.3 thousand tons of poultry meats in live weight (73.3 thousand tons last year), 703.3 million eggs (561.0 million eggs last year) were produced in poultry factories.
Overall, the total number of birds in factories increased by 41.1 percent and was 11.6 million (785.2 thousand last year). The average production per hen was 227 eggs.
Forestry. In 2014, the cost of goods and services at current price produced in the forestry was 11.7 million manat. Last year, 14 forest fires were registered and fire covered an area of 58 hectares.
Fishery. 50.1 thousand tons of fish worth 194.6 million manat was hunted by fishing farms and individuals.

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