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Media representatives visited Hajigabul Industrial Quarter


Pursuant to the industrialization policy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, new industrial enterprises are being created based on innovative and modern technologies, and the production of competitive and export-oriented industrial products is increasing. Industrial parks and industrial quarters are important mechanisms for the sustained development of the non-oil industry, expanding entrepreneurial activity in the regions and providing employment.

On April 21, the Ministry of Economy organized a visit of a group of media representatives to Hajigabul Industrial Quarter for them to get acquainted with the activities of Quarter.

Media representatives were briefed that Hajigabul Industrial Quarter was established by the Presidential Order of the Republic of Azerbaijan of July 25, 2017. In the Industrial Quarter, the necessary infrastructure, administrative, technical and auxiliary buildings were built at the expense of state funds, with the implementation of the renovation work. Like other industrial quarters, the Hajigabul Industrial Quarter is of great interest to entrepreneurs.

At Elberg LLC, which manufactures equipment for the production of building materials, media representatives were informed that the company with an investment value of 12 million manat has created 100 jobs. Turkish, Japanese and Finnish technologies are used in the company, which has been issued an investment promotion document by the Ministry of Economy. The products will be exported both to foreign countries and to the domestic market.

Another enterprise operating in the Industrial Quarter, Uysal Ambalai LLC, which produces plastic water bottles, reported to the media that the Entrepreneurship Development Fund of the Ministry of Economy issued a soft loan of 700,000 manat to finance the plant with an investment value of 1.44 million manat. The plant, using Japanese technology, is capable of producing 350,000 plastic water bottles per year.

The media representatives then visited the enterprise of Az Agromila LLC which produces liquid, powder, gel, leaf fertilizers. It was reported that 4.35 million manat was invested in the establishment of the enterprise, which ensured the creation of 30 jobs. The Ministry of Economy provided the project with an investment promotion document and a preferential loan in the amount of 900,000 manat. The plant with a capacity of 6,000 tons of fertilizers per year was built using Turkish technology.

1.2 million manat was invested in the enterprise established by Plasttech LLC, which produces plastic containers at the industrial enterprise and where 16 jobs were created. The plant has the capacity to produce 600-900 tons of plastic containers per year.

The media was briefed that the Azermash automobile plant has also been launched in the Quarter.

Questions of interest to media representatives were also answered at the event.

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