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Major trends of the policy on public investment  


Attracting investment plays a special role in ensuring long-term and sustainable development of Azerbaijan. Further improvement of the investment climate in the country is one of the main tasks to ensure the required scope and quality of investments. For this:

  • measures aimed at the protection of personal property and improvement of corporate governance;
  • creation of a more favorable competitive environment for all investors regardless of ownership;
  • increasing the role of the state in ensuring the stable legal and regulatory regime;
  • further improvement of the legal and regulatory basis for investment activity;
  • improvement of the system of informing investors about enterprises for the purpose of selection and analysis of investment objects;
  • increasing the assistance for the modern institutional infrastructure development process ensuring the efficient transformation of savings to investments;
  • improving the provision of business information, adaptation of accounting and statistics to international standards will be continued.


 The main trends of the state investment policy in the country are as follows:

  • adaptation of investment projects with the goals and priorities of socio-economic development specified by medium and long-term state programs and Strategic Road Maps;
  • orientation of investments to the development of the non-oil sector and regions;
  • prioritizing regional investment policy in line with contemporary development trends;
  • strengthening of social orientation of investment activity in the country, ensuring priority of human capital, and infrastructure investments;
  • ensuring economic security of the country;
  • preferring production areas that reduce the amount of carbonaceous compounds in  nanotechnology-based waste disposal discharged to the atmosphere;
  • orientation of state investments to science-intensive projects;
  • increasing the state's defense capacity.


The main trends of private investment policy

  • continuation of measures to further increase investment attractiveness of Azerbaijani enterprises;
  • improvement of foreign trade regime for import of modern technological equipment to Azerbaijan for technological reconstruction of enterprises;
  • orientation of direct foreign investments, along with domestic investments, to areas of export oriented and with high special weight of added value;
  • improvement of the regulatory regime for foreign direct investment in the service sector;
  • acceleration of the process of establishing accounting and auditing activities in accordance with international standards.

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