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Industrial settlement

To establish new organizational-economic model- industrial settlements is one of the important measures implemented for entrepreneurship development. Establishment of the industrial city in Azerbaijan is important for implementation of main duties such as realizing of industrial potential of country, increasing of the export capacity, the level of employment, allurement of investment, development of regions. The works were continued in this direction, international practice studied, and the relevant normative-legal documents drafted.
To create industrial city in the country were defined by the 10 September 2002 dated decree on "Additional measures on state patronage for development of entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan" of the president of Azerbaijan Republic. Moreover, the creation of industrial city was included to the implemented measures on Apsheron economic region within the framework of "State Program of development of economic region of Azerbaijan Republic (2004-2008)" approved by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated 11 February 2004.
The creation of industrial cities also considered in the "State program on reliable food supply of population in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2008-2015" and "State Program on poverty reduction and sustainable development in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2008-2015" approved by the orders of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated 25 August 2008 and 15 September 2008, relevantly.
Furthermore, the creation of Balakhani industrial city was included in 2.8.45 paragraph of the Action Plan to be carried out within the framework of within the framework of the "State Program on socio-economic development of Baku and its suburbs (2011-2013 )" approved by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic date 4 May 2004.
In order to execute the tasks above mentioned documents, consistent measures were implemented for application of positive experience of foreign countries in this filed. Thus, the specialists of the Ministry of Economic Development and representatives of other relevant institutions were in the Turkey, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Georgia, Russia and Tataristan Republic of the Federation, China and South Korea and learned the experience of other countries related to this field, and the relevant proposals were prepared by taking into account the recommendations of the experts of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA).
Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 21, 2011. In connection with the SCIP creation 167.66 hectares land plot used by Azerikimya (sub-company of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan; SOCAR) was transferred under the authority of the Ministry of Economic Development.
In addition, Balakhany Industrial Park was established in Baku by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 28, 2011 for the purpose of supporting of entrepreneurship in the country, organization of industrial enterprises based on modern technologies and increasing of employment. According to other paragraph of the order, the Cabinet of minister is instructed to provide the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Republic with the land of 7 hectares from the territory of the "Balahanyneft" of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic for Balakhani Industrial Park.
It is considered to create new manufacturing infrastructures regarding new requirements and provide to entrepreneurs to use them with the available terms in the area allocated to the creation of the first industrial town in Azerbaijan. The settlement is considered to divide into sectors on industry areas that this will cover priority areas of country's economy

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