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Grant agreements

Pursuant to the "Registration rules on grant agreements" affirmed by the Decree of Azerbaijan President dated February 12, 2004, 13 grant agreements (decision) pertaining to 9 commercial legal persons were registered by the Ministry of Economy and Industry according to the appeals of commercial legal persons in 2013.
The total amount of grant agreements in different currencies was 419,950 million manats or 711,725 million U.S dollars.
Grants were directed to the translation of poetry and proverbs, collection of the information on linguistics and culture, preparation and improvement of dictionaries, holding of seminars, the establishment of Child Development Resource Center and its provision with equipment, rendering medical advice, training, social support for children and families with disabilities and special needs, enhancing knowledge and skills of young journalists through a variety of training, increasing incomes of the farmers involved in cattle-breeding, providing internally displaced persons, refugees and low income people with micro-credits.

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