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Educating entrepreneurs


Realization of complex measures directed to increase and learn modern practice in new economic condition, to raise legal knowledge and initiative of entrepreneurs on the course of developing business ties and strengthening advice, information maintenance of entrepreneurship is one of the important directions of development of entrepreneurship sector. In this regard, Baku Business Training Centre (BBTC) under the Ministry of Economy and Industry was established on August 01, 2007 in order to ensure training and re-training requirements of entrepreneurs, to enlighten them, to organize and regulate works in the sphere of increasing legal and economic knowledge.
Offices of the center were established in 7 regions (Ganja, Gazakh, Yevlakh, Goychay, Lankaran, Shaki) to improve and expand activity of the center in regions. The purpose of creating business centers of entrepreneurship is to meet requirements of entrepreneurs, especially to increase business activity in regions by means of formulating the system of centers of information, training and consulting of development of entrepreneurship. Systematic measures are being taken by the Baku Business Training Center to organize rendering services that meet international standards, to strengthen the activities of the offices, to maintain delivery of necessary knowledge for effective management of the enterprises and starting business.
Along with this, the Memorandum on the promotion of personnel in business management was signed between the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technologies of Germany. Within the framework of the Memorandum the Baku Business Training Centre of the Ministry of Economy and Industry and "GIZ" organization of the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technologies of Germany are charged with execution of the "Germany-Azerbaijan Bilateral Program on the promotion of personnel in business management in the Republic of Azerbaijan".
Following strategic objectives are envisaged in the main directions of the activity of the Baku Business Training Center:
- To enlighten legal and physical entities engaged in entrepreneurship activity in Baku city and regions, to organize and implement systematic, planned and sustainable activity on the course of installation of necessary theoretical knowledge and international practice and skills;
- To render methodical, innovation and advisory services to entrepreneurs;

Get further information about the activities of the Baku Business Training Center from the website of the Center www.bbtc.gov.az.

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