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Interview of Trade Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Central European countries 


The interview with the trade representative of Azerbaijan for Central European countries was published on the webpage of Polish economic magazine “Wiadomosci handlowe” (“Trade news”).

In an interview published under the heading "Azerbaijani wines are on the shelves of the "Auchan" market chain. The country wants to increase sales in Poland and the European Union" the information is provided on the activities of Azerbaijan’s trade representative for Central European countries, products displayed in the “Azerbaijan Trade House” in Warsaw, statistics on trade turnover between our countries, as well as products with high export potential from Azerbaijan to Poland.

Moreover, the interview highlights the job done to promote the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand in Poland and other Central European countries, the placement of “Made in Azerbaijan” stands of various FMCG products in the “Carrefour” markets in Poland, and the launch of sales of Azerbaijani wines and cognacs in “Auchan” hypermarkets. The high quality of our products is also emphasized in the interview.

It should be noted that the portal “Wiadomosci handlowe” contains the latest news about the events of the wholesale and retail market in Poland. In addition, the company organizes events such as the "Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages Congress", the "Retail and FMCG Congress Poland & CEE” and presents "The Best Product” and "Favorite Brand” awards.

The interview is available (Wina z Azerbejdżanu trafiły na półki sieci Auchan. Kraj chce wzmocnić sprzedaż w Polsce i Unii Europejskiej)  on the webpage of Wiadomości Handlowe (

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