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Activity of the Trade Representative in the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the People's Republic of China for 2019


Azerbaijan's trade representative in China continues his activities to develop trade and economic cooperation with China, promote the "Made in Azerbaijan" brand and the country's investment climate in this country, and increase non-oil exports. Over the past year, Azerbaijan's trade representative in China has organized a number of events, meetings and visits for this purpose.

During the meetings with a number of Chinese government agencies, chambers of commerce and business associations, detailed information was provided on the economy and investment climate of Azerbaijan, discussions were held on expanding economic and trade ties, and agreements were reached.

With the aim of developing trade and economic cooperation between the two countries in 2019, increasing exports of "Made in Azerbaijan" products to the Chinese market and attracting Chinese investment in the non-oil sector of our country, Azerbaijan Trade Representative in China and its administrative office held a total of 9 events such as an Azerbaijan-China investment and trade forum in Beijing, a tasting event of Azerbaijani wines at Jiuxianwang, an event to launch the sale of Azerbaijani wines in a chain of BHG markets, a round table with the "Global Times" media organization dedicated to the promotion of Azerbaijani wines in the Chinese market, Azerbaijan-China business forum in Yiwu, presentation on the investment climate and economy of Azerbaijan within the CIFTIS exhibition, etc.

In order to promote the investment climate of Azerbaijan and attract investment from China to the non-oil sector of our country, the trade representative and staff of the administrative office made presentations in various regions of China in 2019. Negotiations are underway with Chinese companies to invest in a number of projects.

Information on the investment climate, industrial parks, tourism potential, export products, winemaking and carpet weaving culture of our country has been translated into Chinese and submitted to various Chinese institutions and companies for promotion purposes. Azerbaijani entrepreneurs were provided with information support on trade transactions with China and the protection of intellectual property rights in China, interviews were given to well-known Chinese media, and articles were published.

Note that in 2019, another wine house was opened in Urumqi, China. At present, three Azerbaijani wine houses and one trading house operate in China. In addition, it is expected to open two more trading houses and a wine house in China, and an Azerbaijani trade department in the G-Hub shopping center in Jinan.



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