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In January-September 2015, total agricultural output value at current prices amounted to 4813.0 million AZN. 2097.1 million AZN of the output was gained on account of cattle-breeding, and 2715.9 million AZN on account of plant-growing.
Total agricultural output value at current prices increased by 6.7% compared to the previous year period, as well as cattle-breeding products by 2.5%, and plant growing by 10.4%.
2.7% of total funds in fixed capital were directed to agriculture.
Plant growing. Main plant growing products gathering is continued over the Republic. 99.9% of 915.2 thousand ha (914 thousand ha) of sawn area were reaped and beaten. 2782.4 thousand tons of winter and spring cereals and leguminous crops (without corn) were harvested. This indicator exceeds the indicator of previous year period by 27.7% (604.4 thousand tons). 1687.2 thousand tons of winter and spring cereals and leguminous crops is consisted of wheat for August 10 of 2015. This figure exceeds the previous year period by 16.8% (243 thousand tons). Per hectare productivity has been 30.4 quintals during this period, and general productivity augmented 7.6 quintals.
High productivity is observed in harvesting maize kernels, as well. So, average productivity of one hectare increased 6.7 quintals compared to the previous year period, and reached 59.1 quintals per hectare. 168.2 thousand tons of maize kernels were harvested from 28.5 thousand hectares (78.1%) of maize area.
Average volume of grain production reached to 2950.6 thousand tons by augmenting 26.2% (612.3 tons) taking into account maize kernels.
During the season, 822.3 thousand tons of potatoes, 1172.7 tons of vegetables and 481.5 tons of potager products were harvested. Potato production increased by 1.7%, vegetable production by 4.2% and potager products by 9.5% compared to the previous year period. Per one hectare average productivity for potato increased by 3 quintals, for vegetables by 5 quintals and for potager products by 16 quintals, and reached respectively 136, 157 and 173 quintals.
Over 9 months of 2015 fruit, grape and tea leaves production increased compared to the previous year period. So, during the reporting period 533.4 thousand tons of fruits and berries (exceeding previous year period by 1000 tons or by 0.2%), 111.7 thousand tons of grape (exceeding previous year period by 5,6 thousand tons or by 5.3%) and 556.5 tons of green tea leaves (exceeding previous year period by 152.3 tons or by 37.7%) were gathered.
Moreover during the mentioned period augmentation in tobacco production was observed. So, increase of sawing area by 22.8% led to the augmentation of the tobacco leaves production. 2.8 thousand tons of tobacco leaves were picked, this indicator exceeds the previous year period's indicator by 26.2%.
Till October 1 2015 18.8 thousand tons of sunflower for grain and 14.3 thousand tons of cotton was harvested.
During this period sugar beets were planted in 4.9 thousand hectares of area. Now picking of this product is continued, along with this 40.8 thousand tons of sugar beets have already been picked from 1651 hectares (33.5% of the area). Productivity per hectare on sugar beets was 247 quintals.

Cattle Breeding.

Till October 1 2015, there were 2703.9 thousand heads of cattle, including 1301.4 thousand heads of cows and buffaloes, 8743.4 thousand heads of sheep and goats, 6.3 thousand heads of pig in the country. Number of cattle increased by 6.4 thousand (0.2%), including the number of cows and buffaloes by 2.2 thousand (0.2%), while the number of sheep and goats increased by 98 thousand (1.1%) and pigs by 127 (2.1%).
During this period 331.4 thousand tons of livestock and poultry in live weight, 1469.5 thousand tons milk, 1157.4 million eggs, 16.5 thousand tons of wool was produced. Meat production increased by 6.5 thousand tons or by 2.0 %, production of milk – 53.2 thousand tons or by 3.8%, production of wool – 254 tons or by 1.6%.
Over January-September 55.5 thousand tons of poultry meats in live weight, 466.2 million eggs were produced in poultry factories.
The average production per hen was 164 eggs.
Overall, the total number of birds in factories was 11208.3 thousand.
3% of employees of enterprises and organizations work in agriculture, forestry and fishery fields for October 1, 2015.

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