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Call 195-2 telephone service with questions interesting you!

The "195 Call Centre" covering the competence of the state organizations was created under the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 28 October 2013. According to the order the Call Centre was created on the base of the 195-2 Telephone Information Centre of the Ministry of Economy functioning from 2009. Activity of the Centre has been further improved pursuant to the modern requirements.
In order to use services of the Call Centre of the Ministry of Economy you can dial directly "195" number by all telephones without any code, and by dialling "2" button you can address for the issues on the competence of the Ministry. All calls addressed directly to "195" number from stationary numbers and services rendered by the Call Centre are free.
The Call Centre operates in live regime from 9.00 am till 18.00 pm without a break on the official working days.

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